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Music Compostition for Image Films, Product Videos, Commercials and Trailer.

Orchestral Adventures is known for fabulous and individual music.
Out of your first idea will arise an experience and we will inspire you with our engagement, trustiness and of course what we like doing most: Music

With a visual message only, you show your clients what you want to sell. But in order to make the client really feel what you want to communicate, images need to be combined with music. Choosing the right music will not only inform your clients. It will also grant your product emotions - that effect can make quite a difference.

We offer:

  • a unique music composition for your project
  • individual composed depending on your ideas and wishes

We would love to make you an individual offer. You can contact us anytime and without obligation.



Colossal Trailer Music - SuperNova

Montagy, 21.03.2017

Proud to be part of this amazing Epic Trailer Track album, published by CTM! Our piece is Ashes to ashes.

Have a listen! For more infos visit Colossal Trailer Music.

Porsche: Mark Webber gets off the track - don't text and drive

Freitag, 18.12.2015

A little Spot from Porsche: Don't text and drive.
Thank you for choosing our music for your clip!

Music for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 TV Spot Polen

Sunday, 03-26-2014

We're proud that samsung has taken our music for this short 15" spot in his TV-Spot in poland..

Music for the Best Western spot (Germany)

Sunday, 03-31-2013

We're happy to announce that Best Western Germany chose our music once again.

Thanks a lot for the coopperation, wishing all the best and a lot of success with the campaign!